are you ready – rollins band

Up at 08:00 and straight into ‘dreich noir’. there’s no pressing need to, but I want to keep slamming out a good eighteen hundred words each morning so that come wednesday, I’ll slide gracefully from Edinburgh avant-fucking into feudal sci-fi relationship-sadism. or something. When I embark on a new novel, it always takes me a […]

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hole – the birthday party

My washing’s done. All the decks are cleared and I’m ready for action. I have a twenty page synopsis of ‘dystopian’ ready to go and a couple of days off before starting on the horrific constipation-meets-childbirth-with-both-legs-tied-together I keep putting myself through. The only thing left to do now is a spot of shopping. Fully clothed […]

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back from the dead – the adverts

I slept in until almost nine this morning. Up and staggery and straight into revising and uploading all the August posts for ‘dreich noir’. I’m still not feeling all that groovy after the last couple of days, but that’s the decks cleared for next month’s novel. I can forget all about ‘dreich noir’ until September, […]

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the outsider – ian hunter

A Domme friend of mine commented recently, having read ‘dreich noir’, that she was amazed by all the vanilla sex therein. My second novel, ‘at home, at work, at play’, like ‘1919’, was about a fem-dom relationship. They always say you should write what you know, however I didn’t want to be ‘the guy who […]

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voodoo idol – the cramps

I spent the weekend wrestling with the cover for ‘1919 inside’, which will be out in the world shortly. Saturday night, I went through to Edinburgh to see Maya Deren’s “Divine Horsemen” film. I read her book way back in the eighties, but had never got around to seeing the film itself until now. Pretty […]

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i write the b-sides – eels

I’ve hammermed ‘dystopian’ today. Taking wee breaks where I needed to and then returning to it. It’s really taking shape now. I’ve had two passes, looking for what was missing and today has been spent merging it all together. I’m quite looking forward to getting started on this next week. Okay, it’ll still be daunting […]

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mr blue sky – ELO

Another half-shut-knife kind of a day. low energy. the sky’s been that weird ‘blue’ way for most of today, with a strange yellow ball staring down at me throughout the morning. Luckily, there was some rain this afternoon, which calmed me, but by 17:00, the sky looked like the start of the simpsons. I’ve been […]

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